We have been working with Medicare, a leading UK independent specialist in pre-hospital care and event medicine, to adjust and enhance their suite of online custom back-office business tools.

One of their key business requirements is to keep track of the equipment and drugs stored on emergency vehicles and within emergency bags, ensuring that anything used is replaced and that it is always in date. This is a regulatory requirement and must be closely monitored, something that the paper-based approach that Medicare originally took was unable to adequately fulfil.

We were asked to design and implement a web system that would dovetail with the existing set of Medicare online business tools that could be used to monitor equipment and drug levels and to notify system administrators where levels become low or use-by dates are near or passed.












The system we created is robust, with extensive use of unit tests to ensure that multiple simultaneous users can’t overwhelm it and that data isn’t lost. It is also flexible, allowing for any number of items to be associated with each top, or sub level category.












With vehicles, as an example, a default loadout can be applied to each new vehicle added to the system, and this can then be customised to allow for differences between them. Quantities and expiry dates are set for every item within a vehicle and the system will then track these and notify users where there’s a problem, or predicted problem.








The flexibility of the system means that default loadouts can be easily adjusted, along with section headings and item descriptions and Medicare have enthusiastically adopted the latest addition to their growing suite of online tools.

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