Data is very powerful, but you need to understand what the data is telling you. With business systems generating ever-increasing amounts of data, it is becoming increasingly vital to have systems which enable you to mine that data effectively and represent it in a way that is clear to each user, whatever their technical ability. The human brain processes visual information better than it processes pages of text, so by using graphics, charts and design elements, data visualisation can help you explain trends and stats much more easily. It can also help to identify issues much quicker – thereby avoiding costs which may result if those issues are not promptly dealt with.

At Pulse Advanced Media we have extensive experience of building data visualisation systems which communicate information clearly and efficiently, allowing your users immediate and efficient access to the data they require. The best systems are ones which are intuitive to users and represent the data in a straightforward format, enabling them to analyse quickly where they need to act. We always work closely with clients to ensure this is the case. We feel it is important that data visualisation systems are interactive – this allows your staff to drill down into the detail of these charts and graphs using any device. The system may then allow them to interactively change the data and see the impact of those changes.

Our experience enables us to build data solutions which involve hardware for data recording as well as software for data visualisation. We can add to this appropriate web interfaces to the data to enhance the productivity of your teams.