Web interfaces allow users to access systems from any Internet-enabled device putting the user firmly in control of where and when they access the information required. This approach has a number of advantages and development is highly cost-effective. One particular advantage relates to having all systems accessible anywhere. This opens up exciting possibilities such as global teams and real-time collaboration. It also enables greater potential for home-working and flexible working solutions so that your staff can work in the most efficient way possible.

Web interfaces can also be easily customised – allowing the system to develop with you as your business grows and diversifies. This customisation might also extend to internal customisation allowing different teams and departments to have their own unique targeted view of the system. other advantages of web interfaces include:

  • Improved interoperability – a web interface allows a far greater level of interoperability between web applications than would be the case with isolated desktop systems or whole business solutions
  • Adaptability – a web-based system and interface can be much more rapidly adaptable to business needs. The ability to “cluster” means running the software on several servers simultaneously. As workload increases or changes, new capacity can easily be added.
  • Easier installation and maintenance of systems – with a web-based approach installation and maintenance becomes less complicated. New versions or upgrade of the system can be  installed on the server and then all users can access it straight away. This is much more cost-effective than upgrading individual devices for all potential users.
  • Increased security – by having a high-quality web interface to business systems, security will be enhanced as the dedicated servers can be monitored closely by server system experts. This is much more cost-effective than monitoring hundreds or even thousands of individual client computers.

At Pulse Advanced Media we have extensive experience in the development of flexible and adaptable web interfaces that can be quickly changed according to shifting market demands. We can develop interfaces which offer:

  • First class mobile support
  • Remote control 24/7 via mobile devices
  • Real-time alerts via mobile devices
  • Voice control (using tools like Alexa / Google assistant)

Contact us for further details or to discuss your requirements.