Quality in education is generally measured by a course’s content and pedagogy and the extent to which students engage with the course content to meet the learning outcomes. In this respect e-learning should be no different from face-to-face learning. However, to achieve this online requires a much more creative and pedagogically focused approach. This can only be done through high quality instructional design. All content should be student-centered and follow a well-designed system. It must also be able to adapt to student needs and allow them to perfect their work through continuous improvement.

At Pulse Advanced Media we ensure that all projects meet these requirements right from the outset. We will take the time to research your student’s requirements and their learning needs to ensure that the content we produce engages them right from start to end, while meeting the reqiored learning outcomes. This bespoke e-learning approach ensures that you get the very best value for money and ensure effectiveness and efficiency in the final product.

We can help with:

  • Virtual Learning Environments (Moodle and other systems)
  • SCORM content
  • Gamification
  • Translation and localisation
  • Video and animation
  • Consultancy
  • E-portfolios (Mahara and other systems)

With our graphic and instructional design skills, we can ensure that the content looks good and works effectively to meet student needs.

We can also help support blended learning solutions, so do contact us if you would like to discuss a solution of this nature.